What’s in an acronym anyway…

This has been somewhat of a strange week, mostly because any time that I’m sick it throws our whole routine and household workings off. I’m feeling fine now and starting to get caught up on everything – like dishes and vacuuming and oh, the laundry piles… And the blogging/work as well, since I do consider […]

A whole lot of updating going on…

Phew, I don’t hardly even know where to start. I guess at the beginning will do… As some of you may already know, I spent 4 days last week traveling – down to Orlando, FL for a blogger retreat for TravelingMom.com. I’ve been writing for the site for about 6 months now as ‘West Michigan […]

February thaw

Would you believe that in less than a 24-hour period, we went from this: and this… To this: and this? Somehow it just doesn’t seem quite fair. Then again, it’s only February and although it felt a little (ok, a lot) like Spring for a few days there and had my kids begging us to […]

The next season of parenthood

I’ve always thought that it’s odd that when you’re trying to get pregnant, you say that you want to ‘have a baby’ or when you are pregnant, you’re having a ‘baby’… Because yes, it’s certainly true that a baby is what you go home from the hospital with.  But babies definitely don’t stay babies forever. […]

I’m a “this big” girl!

So we’re now the parents of a five-year-old! Becca had a really nice birthday – the day before we’d taken in treats to preschool and she got to celebrate with her class. Which included a construction paper birthday ‘crown’ that she wore for the rest of the day, and all the next day (her actual […]

One day down…

So the first day of Christmas break went pretty smoothly! The girls played together really well for the most part, even though we were stuck at home all day with no transportation. I didn’t even have to break out the craft stuff (yet), but I think that’ll come tomorrow. The girls don’t really play with […]


The cold that hurts your lungs to breathe in… And seeing the breath coalesce in the air before you when breathing out. The crunch of iced-over snow after a day of slightly warmer temperatures causes it to melt just a bit – then refreezing overnight. The gust of frigid air that hits you just so […]

And it all comes down to…

Money. Really – that’s the whole reason why we’re in this mess right now. I think back to some of the mistakes we made in the past and the things that we thought were important to spend money on back then and just wish I could give my younger self a swift, firm kick in […]

Why Mama was so grouchy yesterday

You know those days, right? The ones where every little thing seems to set you off and even behaviors that you might laugh about on another day suddenly become that one last little straw that gets your teeth clenched and turns even more of your hair gray… Yeah that kind of day. When I sit […]

All is well…

This is Ron, Deb’s husband. The surgery is done, all is well. There is no cancer, a VERY large cyst was removed. I will let Deb give all the rest of the details. She’s asleep in the recliner, where she has found a comfortable spot. I’m sure she’ll be here tomorrow with additional updates.