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UFOs (no, not the outer space kind)

In fiber-speak, a UFO is not something that involves little green men or anything, but rather stands for UnFinished Objects. Something that we all tend to have at least one or two (or more) of sitting around for one reason or another. Perhaps it’s because you ran out of yarn (gasp!), couldn’t figure something out in the pattern, got bored, or just got more interested in other projects… Those pesky UFOs just sit there, waiting for you to pick them back up again.

Sometimes you do. And sometimes you don’t.

Smock TopLast year I had 3 UFOs that sat in my closet and weighed on my mind. The first was the initial Smock Top that I started in 2010 but then realized that I was making the wrong size so put aside. Last year I restarted knitting the same pattern in a bigger size, but with different yarn. The first attempt sat in my knitting bag for months – until I decided to knit my mother-in-law a scarf for Christmas and needed to find a lightweight cotton yarn quickly. The yarn from the first Smock Top was perfect, so I pulled it apart and used the same yarn to knit the scarf.

SmockTopTake2 001One UFO dealt with and off the needles! Of course, there’s still the second Smock Top, which also seems to be languishing in my knitting bag for no other reason than I just simply haven’t had the interest in working on it lately. We’ll see if I can manage to finally finish this pattern at some point!

HannahsSecondSock 003The other UFO that I had last year was the pair of socks I was making for my middle daughter – this project became the unfortunate victim to ‘Second Sock Syndrome’ before I learned how to knit two socks at once. Having frogged almost an entire sock before completing the first one, I pretty much felt like I’d already knit two socks and I was tired of the pattern by summertime. I had gotten all the way to knitting the foot section and then just left it. I needed a break from that one.

And the extended break worked – last fall, after I taught myself to knit 2 socks at once Magic Loop style, I made myself finish that second sock before I started any other projects. The feeling of having it finally done was wonderful – and seeing my daughter so excited to have her pair of socks to wear (finally!) reminded me of why I love to knit for others to begin with. :)

HannahsSocks 005

HannahsSocks 004HannahsSocks 001

I was rather amazed that I was able to match the striping up so closely on this pair of socks, but also glad to know how to knit 2 at a time now so that will be much easier from now on!

HannahsSocks 003

So if you were keeping track, that leaves me with only the one UFO for now – that second Smock Top. We’ll see if I can get that finished in 2012, but who knows what other UFOs I’ll manage to come up with!