Tackling… a backyard deck!

At long last… If you’ve followed my backyard posts from earlier this year, you might remember that we tore down our original deck several years ago (for various reasons I’m not going into again now – see this post if you’re curious). Originally we’d planned on putting a new deck up that same summer, but […]

Tackling… backyard fun!

So I’ve been doing this series of posts on everything that we’ve been doing in our backyard this summer, now that my hubby’s home a lot more. The first two posts were mostly a lot of background information on what we’ve done in the yard since we moved into this house 7-1/2 years ago – […]

Tackling… the backyard (Part 2 – the deck saga)

I started off thinking I would write a quick post the other day about what we’ve been up to in our backyard for the past couple of weeks. But there’s a lot more to say than I originally thought, so I’m breaking this up into a few different parts. The other day I talked about […]

Tackling… the backyard (Part 1 – the sandbox and the tree)

This post is several weeks – and in some ways several years, in the making, which is why it’s being broken up into several parts. Earlier this spring, Ron decided that he was going to take a week off from work in order to get some of the projects done around the yard that have […]

Tackling… yard work

Wow, am I glad that we were able to get to much of our needed yard work – two weekends ago, during the couple of nice days that are pretty much all we’ve had so far of ‘spring’. Because it’s been just about nothing but cold and rain (and snow!) since then… Last fall we […]

Tackling…Laundry. Organizing it, that is.

A few months ago, we moved all of the bedrooms around in our house and ended up putting all 3 girls downstairs in the basement together. This has been a very good solution to best utilizing the space in this house in a lot of ways, but there was one big issue remaining ever since. […]

Tackling… not everything – but the kitchen sink

Yes, I know – bad pun. Although not necessarily as bad as you might think – I do need to tackle, pretty much everything.  I haven’t posted many tackles lately, because they all seem to be the same over and over again and there’s really nothing interesting to post about laundry, dishes, picking up the […]

Tackling… Last-minute stuff

So this past week was still pretty busy with the room switch-around, but we’re mostly done now. At least all of the rooms are usable, with one exception – and the exception is a room that’s not used very often anyway. We’re all well settled in to the new rooms and definitely enjoying the fact […]

Tackling… paint, clean, move stuff around

Wow, it’s been a busy week. And unlike earlier in the summer when we were on the go every day, lately it’s been all about sticking around home. The good part is that it keeps us in the air conditioning, especially when it’s been hot and humid out pretty much nonstop. The not-as-good part is […]

Tackling… the start of the big switcharound

Yes, I know… It’s only been not quite 2 years since we made the big effort to switch every single bedroom in our house all around. And in many ways that was a good move – and definitely has worked well, for the most part. But needs change, and we recently decided that another change […]