Sometimes, I am an idiot.

It’s true. I tend to be a more detail-oriented kind of person, which is very good in some ways but there are times when I kind of tend to overlook the big picture because I get too caught up in the details. For example… I received a new knitting book for Christmas and have been […]

To ‘frog’ or not to ‘frog’…

That was the question that faced me a few days ago.  See this partially knitted sock? The one I’ve been working on (rather slowly) for the past few weeks? Yeah, so this particular sock no longer exists. I’d gotten pretty far along – I finished the leg portion, knit the heel flap, turned the heel, […]

Where did I go wrong?

So after successfully completing one version of the Father’s Day knit-along project from Caron and Vickie Howell, I decided to make a second Snookie – this time for my husband’s PDA that he carries for work. It’s slightly narrower but longer than my iPhone, but close enough in size that I figured I could use […]