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Over the past couple of years, my (almost) 11-year-old daughter has added some new animals to her list of favorites. Along with dogs, polar bears and dolphins, she now has a favorite bird – owls. Apparently owls are getting popular in general, because we see them everywhere lately – Hannah’s got an owl backpack, blanket, notebooks, shirt, etc.

Owls are big in knitwear design too, it seems. I found this cute pattern last month, so I knitted Hannah an owl hat.

She picked out the yarn -it’s knit in Cascade Pacific, in the Baby Lime colorway. I found the buttons at JoAnn Fabrics – there are four different colors of blue, teal and green and they look really cute as owl eyes on the hat.

Along with the hat, I think I’m going to incorporate the same owl design into a pair of mittens (or maybe fingerless mitts) for her at some point this winter.

My other owl-related knitting project this fall is for Hannah’s upcoming birthday party (owl themed, of course). I saw the Owl Puff pattern on Ravelry a little while ago and had been wanting to make one. In thinking about the birthday party, I thought these would make really cute party favors – and at this age, we don’t need to be sending home goodie bags full of candy and junk.

So I made an Owl Puff. And another.

It’s kind of addictive actually. They almost just seem to multiply on their own.

Ok, so not quite. But I can make a couple of them in an evening, so they’re a very quick knit – and a great way to use up scrap yarn. The only cost I’ve had is for the safety eyes, but I’ve spent less on those than I would have for little toys and candy for goodie bags.

And these are much, much cuter. :)

Catching up

It’s always hard to come back after a blogging break – especially when it stretches much longer than ever anticipated… And that contributes to the problem – the longer the break, the harder it is to actually sit down at the keyboard and begin to put words down again.

I’ve taken a break from all 3 of my sites this fall – a much-needed one. And I’m working on combining my other 2 sites together – something that will hopefully be done in the next couple of weeks. But I don’t want to wait any longer to start updating here again – especially since I do have a lot of knitting to catch you all up on. :)


I’d left off back in August when I’d started working on a scarf for my middle daughter’s Halloween costume – she wanted to be Hermione from the Harry Potter books/movies. I finished the scarf in October, giving me plenty of time to make one further Halloween-related project as well – more about that in a bit.

Halloween2011 002

The scarf turned out perfectly, and I found a Gryffindor patch online that I bought and attached using fabric glue. I’d worried that after having spent all of the time and effort to make the scarf, it would turn out to be too hot on Halloween to wear it, but we had pretty decent weather. Not too hot, but not terribly freezing either. The girls were all warm enough wearing heavy clothes under (or with) their costumes with no need for coats.

Two of them did wear hats though – my oldest had put together her own costume to be Hello Kitty (since I didn’t think the store-bought costume for Hello Kitty was anywhere near appropriate for a 10-year-old), and part of that involved a Hello Kitty-faced hat that we bought. If I hadn’t already been working on the scarf, I may have tried to make one, but the one she used was really cute and she’s wearing it as her winter hat this year too, so it definitely wasn’t money wasted.

BeccasPumpkinHat 002

My youngest wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween – I found a very cute costume at a secondhand store, and picked up cheap orange sweats for her to wear under it. About a week before Halloween, I decided that she needed a pumpkin hat to go with her costume, so I quickly knitted one. I ended up making my own pattern since I couldn’t find one that I liked – I’ve made enough hats in general now to have a pretty good idea how to get what I was looking for and it turned out perfectly. I’ll post the pattern next time in case anyone ever wants to duplicate the hat ( and so I don’t forget myself, lol).

BeccasPumpkinHat 001

Halloween2011 004

I loved being able to help with the girls’ costumes this year, since sewing is definitely not something I’m good enough at to even attempt trying to make an entire costume at home. I need to remember to pin them down on costume choices a couple of months ahead of time again next year so I’ll have plenty of knitting time for however I can contribute to what they decide to dress up as then!

She hardly even stood a chance, I suppose…

Ok, so I knew that my older daughter would be thrilled to learn how to knit, because she’s always been very into arts and crafts. And when I taught her a little while back, it definitely gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to have this to share with her.

To be honest, I didn’t really consider teaching my middle daughter right away, partly because she was younger and also because she’d never really shown any interest in learning. If she’d have asked, I would have taught her in a heartbeat. But she never did, so I never thought to offer.

I guess that all of the time spent watch both me and her older sister working with the yarn and needles has rubbed off though. Because a few weeks ago, on a complete whim as we were walking through the local yarn shop so I could pick up a new pair of needles, I saw a pair of really thick ones and mentioned to my daughter that those would be perfect to learn on. I was surprised by how excited she got, but then I immediately got all excited too.

And we bought the needles.  :)

A few days later when I was at Walmart, I spied some very thick, chunky yarn in their craft section (because I always have to walk by yarn, even when I don’t actually need any, lol) – and they had it in a solid red. Knowing that red is my daughter’s favorite color, I picked up a skein, and the next day I sat down, cast on several stitches and showed her how to knit a row.

Thankfully it’s getting easier now for me to turn everything around in my head so I can show my girls how to knit right-handed. I was so confused when I first taught my oldest since I’m a lefty!

Since then, she’s worked on it just about every day, even if she only has time to knit a single row. There’s still a learning curve – she’s not very quick yet, but that will come with time. I’ve had to pick apart some rows here or there where she’s dropped a stitch or twisted something, but in general she’s doing extremely well with it. And she is having an absolute blast making herself a scarf. She’s pretty darn proud of herself too!

Just as I am so very proud of her.  :)




(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday – They're done!!

Hannah’s shrug:



And finished in the nick of time, at the hotel the night before the wedding, here’s Abby’s:

No, she wasn’t upset with the shrug – the sun was in her eyes. ;)


And here’s how the shrug looked over the flower girl dresses – Abby’s is without the shrug and Hannah is wearing hers. This was a couple of days before the wedding. You see, in early April I was expecting that it could’ve been 30 degrees out and snowing…


Of course it was 70+degrees out the day of the wedding and the only time the shrugs got worn was over their pajamas on the way home afterward. I’m still glad I made them though! And yes, photos from my sister-in-law’s wedding still to come… :)

See more photos at Wordless Wednesday and 5 Minutes For Mom!

Is it possible to make a scarf too 'wide'?

Remember the blanket that I crocheted a border around recently? The first craft project that I’d actually finished since Abby was born, nearly 7 years ago?

I’ve actually started and completed another project since then!

I think it’s a record.

T13 002

This scarf took me just a little over a week to knit. It’s probably not that great of an accomplishment when you realize that the entire thing is just the same stitch over and over again, back and forth, but I did manage to change colors – and even wove the ends in decently.

You see, Abby has been begging to learn how to knit. So far I’ve managed to put her off by teaching her to finger crochet (chain stitch) – and while she’s producing necklaces and bracelets at an alarming rate, I have the feeling that she’s going to need something a bit more challenging soon.

My mom taught me to knit when I was young. I picked it back up in college and made a few afghans, but I learned to crochet soon afterward and hadn’t picked up knitting needles since then. Over 15 years ago.

There are a few reasons (other than teaching Abby at some point) why I decided to re-learn now. I like many of the knitting patterns that I’ve seen, and I like having some variety in what I do. Plus, I discovered during my recent crochet project that crocheting hurts my hands. Specifically, it hurts along the base of my thumbs, down to my wrist, along that fleshy part of the hand. I’d have to stop every few stitches to stretch my hand out and wait for the cramping to stop, and that made the blanket border take at least 3x longer than it would have otherwise.

I think I must be getting old. Sigh.

But so far, knitting has been pain-free, so I think I’ll stick with that for a while. This scarf that I just finished was intended to be for Hannah.

T13 007

However, I could barely get her to put it on for a picture. Apparently she’s not impressed with ‘wide’ scarves, at least that’s what she was (loudly) complaining about with this one. She was in a disagreeable mood in general yesterday morning though, so I’m hoping that it might grow on her. If not, I’m sure I can find someone else who wants it.

T13 008

Yes, I know it doesn’t match her coat. It really doesn’t match Hannah’s either, but I went with yarn that I already had. For my next project, I’m branching out a bit from the ‘straight and square’ and attempting a matching hat for the scarf.

Is it possible to make a hat too ‘wide’? If not, I’m sure Hannah will probably find something else to complain about. Either that, or she’ll love it and I’ll end up with two girls fighting over who gets to wear it.

I think this knitting thing may just keep me busy for a while… :)