Over the past couple of years, my (almost) 11-year-old daughter has added some new animals to her list of favorites. Along with dogs, polar bears and dolphins, she now has a favorite bird – owls. Apparently owls are getting popular in general, because we see them everywhere lately – Hannah’s got an owl backpack, blanket, […]

Catching up

It’s always hard to come back after a blogging break – especially when it stretches much longer than ever anticipated… And that contributes to the problem – the longer the break, the harder it is to actually sit down at the keyboard and begin to put words down again. I’ve taken a break from all […]

Are we smarter than a fifth grader? I guess we’ll find out!

So as of 11:39am this morning, I am now the mother of a fifth grader – as Abbi has spent the past several days pointing out. Not only that, but I find myself having a third grader and (gasp), a kindergartner as well. Yikes. Two kids in upper elementary? And all three of them in […]

(Not Very) Wordless Wednesday #191 – Gleek Retreat via Instagram

Have I mentioned how much I love the Instagram iPhone app*?? It’s so easy to get and share pictures and you can edit them right there on your phone using their presets very quickly and easily. I had a lot of fun taking and sharing photos over the weekend at Gleek Retreat, and even a […]

Our crazy, busy, ‘lots going on’ weekend

It always seems to turn out that we’ll have several weekends in a row with nothing scheduled – and then bam! Everything suddenly hits all at once. That’s the kind of weekend that we just had here. For once though, we got off to a somewhat late start on Saturday – Hannah’s soccer game didn’t […]

Soccer–Week #2

Last week was our second round of practices and games for this spring season of soccer. And one of the coldest I can remember – poor Hannah hasn’t even been able to show off the new puppy to her teammates because it hasn’t been warm enough for any of her practices or games to bring […]

So, it’s that time of year again…

Here’s a hint… Yes, it’s soccer season – again! Oddly enough, even though the winter seemed to drag on forever, it’s also hard to believe that it’s time for the spring soccer season already. We’re still hit or miss in terms of weather – some days are nice (like Wednesday when Hannah had practice), and […]

Wordless Wednesday #186 – It’s finally warm enough to go to the park!

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Wordless Wednesday #185 – More Puppy Pictures!

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Yep, we’re expanding our family…

But no, we’re not adding another baby or child to the mix. Instead, we’re making good on a promise that we made several years ago to Hannah – that when she turned 8, we would get a puppy. Later that was amended to the summer after she turned 8, since we hadn’t originally thought about […]