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This time of year I really struggle with being stuck in the house so much and feeling cooped up. It’s gray and cold and snowy outside, and especially after all of the holiday decorations are down and put away, every place just looks dull.

I posted earlier about how I decided to try making flowers to spice up my daughters’ winter hats a little bit – I think it was as much a way to brighten up this wintertime existence as anything else.

Tonight I finished my oldest daughter’s new hat – the same basic roll-brim pattern that I’ve used before. But I did two things to it afterward that I think really make a huge difference and turn it from just a ‘hat’ into a ‘really cute hat’.

Only a couple of days before my daughter lost her previous hat, I’d taken a few minutes and fashioned a simple pom-pom to adorn the top of it. I never even took a picture of the hat afterward, and it was gone so soon that I never had the chance to. But it added a lot of personality to the hat and my daughter loved the addition. So tonight as soon as her new hat was finished she asked for a pom-pom for this hat – as well as a flower, like the ones I’d made for her sisters’ hats.

Abbys2ndHat 002

Not 30 seconds after I’d finished the pom-pom, my youngest daughter decided that she just had to have one for her hat too (never mind that I’d asked her weeks ago, only to get firmly turned d0wn). So I spent a few minutes making her one too. It really doesn’t take very long to make a pom-pom or to crochet a simple flower – but it makes such a difference when adding these things to a project!

PomPomOnBeccasHat 002

Yes, it is a gigantic pom-pom – I had ‘just enough’ but also slightly ‘too much’ yarn left over so figured I’d just use it all up. If nothing else, I’ll be able to pick her out in a crowd, lol…  I may take the scissors to it and give it a bit more of a trim after I see how it looks on her tomorrow.

For the previous hat flowers, I’d used buttons for the center – just ones that I dug up in my jewelry box. My own mom always had a ‘button box’ – she sewed a lot, and her button collection had some of the most unique and fun buttons I’d ever seen. I only have about a half-dozen, collected from who knows where – but I’d managed to find two that worked perfectly with the flowers. Not so much this time though – so I found myself off to the only store open late into the evening that might hopefully sell some kind of interesting buttons. I had no luck in their small sewing section – but did find a package of sparkly flower-shaped ones with the scrapbooking supplies. And I think this button was the perfect addition to the flower and the hat!

Abbys2ndHat 003

I have no pictures (yet) of the girls in their new (and newly embellished) hats, because they were both in bed by the time the hats were done. But I’m sure I’ll get more than few in the morning and will share them after that.

Now I just have to figure out what to work on next – I hate not having a project to pick up at any given time. I know some knitters have many (many) projects all on the needles at once, but I seem to work best one at a time, at least right now. I’m thinking I’d like to get at least one more pair of socks done this winter – but I’m ready to try a different method this time. Whether that entails magic loop, 2 circulars or what, I have no idea yet. I’ll have to see what seems interesting and what needles I have on hand – I’m really intrigued by the idea of interchangeable needle sets, but that’s going to have to wait a while. Or even though I’m out of hats to embellish – I can still make a few more crocheted flowers to brighten up my mood and my day.  :)

Wintertime ‘flowers’

So I’ve been working along on the new hat for my oldest daughter (I’ll post an update on that soon) and that brought something to mind that I’d thought of a while back and then never acted on. I like the hats that I’ve made – but they’re fairly basic and simple. I’ve been going for warmth here, not style. But I’ve seen a lot of girls’ hats that have cute embellishments and such on them, so I’d been wanting for a while to find a pattern to be able to make flowers to put on the girls hats.

I went on Ravelry a few days ago and decided that I would look around on there – with so many free patterns available, I knew there was bound to be something I could use. What I discovered – is that flowers are apparently something that are much easier to crochet than knit, at least judging by the number and types of patterns I was seeing. So I figured that maybe it was about time to bring the crochet hooks back out and give crocheting another try. Flowers are small, so I thought maybe I could manage one or two without the pain I’d had before.

I think I’ve realized something… When I crocheted before, I never knew how to correctly hold the yarn to get tension. One of the convoluted things I used to do was to stop after each stitch and tighten the yarn – I would actually pretty much drop it in  between stitches. I never had the yarn running through my fingers until I started knitting. But now, when I crochet – I simply hold the yarn the same way I do when I knit, in my left hand, which works perfectly for crocheting right-handed.

I can’t believe how much easier it is to crochet this way! I still don’t hold the hook the way I’ve seen other people hold it, but my method is a lot more streamlined now – and so far I haven’t had any hand pain at all. I’ve only made two small flowers, mind you – but that’s still amazing to me.

So yes, I’m strange. I crochet right-handed, knit left-handed – and well, am pretty much ambidextrous in most other things, including writing. ;)

I started off with a flower to embellish my youngest daughter’s hat, which is in a variegated yarn in shades of pink, purple and white. I chose a couple of pink yarns that I had left over from making bunnies last spring and made a simple flower. I liked the look of the flower in general, but thought it needed something just a little – more – on the hat, so I went digging through my jewelry box and found an off-white button to put in the middle. I used the tail end of the yarn from beginning the flower to connect the button and flower to the hat – and I think it turned out really cute!

It may also look familiar – I used the photo below as a main ingredient in re-designing this site tonight… And the flower is featured prominently as well. I love how the site looks – and hope you do too! :)

FlowerOnBeccasHat 001

Here it is on my daughter:

FlowerOnBeccasHat 004

Tonight I made a second flower -this time I found a cool antique-ish looking gold button to put in the middle. And you can’t tell in the photos, but the white yarn is some of what I had left over from making the girls’ shrugs last year – it has a strand of glittery stuff going through it too.

This flower is for another hat that I made a while back for my 8-year-old. She hasn’t been wearing it lately – instead my oldest daughter has been wearing this hat while I get her new one made. But I have the feeling that my 8-year-old will reclaim the hat once she sees the cute flower I added to it tonight, lol!

FlowerForHannahsHat 004FlowerForHannahsHat 003

It’s a very simple pattern – called Flower Magnets. I can see a lot of other uses for these too – I’m already scheming on ways I can attach them to ponytail holders or hair clips. :)