Sometimes, I am an idiot.

It’s true. I tend to be a more detail-oriented kind of person, which is very good in some ways but there are times when I kind of tend to overlook the big picture because I get too caught up in the details. For example… I received a new knitting book for Christmas and have been […]


I watch my older girls devour books on a regular basis, and I’m absolutely thrilled that they both take after me in this way. I mean, from the time I learned to read in first grade, pretty much up until Abby was born – I was almost never without a book at hand. Usually even […]

On… reading?

Ok, so I know – I start a knitting blog and about the first thing I talk about here is books. Well it’s hard not to – reading has always been a part of my life. Before kids, I pretty much had no life – except in books. It wasn’t uncommon for me to come […]

Chip off the old… bookworm?

One of the few routines that we’ve gotten into this summer is the weekly trip to the library. The girls and I all look forward to it, although for differing reasons. We started off heading there because our library is set up for the kids to all be able to take Advanced Reader (AR) tests […]

Wow, almost no memes this Monday…

Yep, this will be a short Meme Monday post today – I only have one to do. I hope I haven’t missed anything else…  I was tagged for the Crazy Eights meme by Barb at Skittles’ Place: 8 Things I’m passionate about – My family My friends Blogging Books/Reading Knitting/crocheting A few television shows (ok, […]

Between the book covers…

When I read, especially a good, riveting book, I become unaware of everything else around me. Drawn into the storyline, the characters and I become one – and I live their every moment, think their every thought and perform their every action in my mind. Time ceases to have any meaning and I’ve been known […]

I won!

Wow, I actually won – not only one contest, but two! Thank you to 5 Minutes for Mom – I won each of the two books in their ‘red’ series of book reviews. I’m always thrilled to have new books to read and both of these sound wonderful. So in honor of my first (and […]

Our evening in pictures

Yesterday evening after dinner and before bedtime, this is how the kids and I amused ourselves… While Abby and Hannah were in their room playing: Becca and I were reading her current favorite book. I think it’s her favorite because she can actually say pretty much all of the words in it. It is a […]

Becca’s checkup and some updates

I just got back from taking Becca for her 18-month checkup. Wow, has this little girl grown! She’s gone from a tall, skinny little thing with chicken legs to a robust toddler who actually has some plump to her now. Until her first birthday, she always hovered around the 10th to 25th percentile for weight. […]

Harry Potter mania

I… am… tired… Probably a combination of being incredibly busy this week and staying up way too late, I guess. I was up late-ish again last night but not for the same reason as before. No, last night I was sucked into the last few chapters of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which […]