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A pair of socks each month

This was one of my goals for 2013 – and I’m so excited to be completely on-track, at least so far.

In January, I knit my first pair of self-striping socks – for myself. :)

Then, for February I knit a pair of socks for my youngest daughter – her older sisters have socks still that I’d made previously for them, but Becca had outgrown her previous pair a while ago, so she was due. I picked a fun self-striping yarn for her too – Loops & Threads Luxury Sock in the Balloons colorway and made just a plain stockinette sock again. She loves them and I did get them done in time – by about 10 minutes.

For March’s socks, I was thrilled to have been able to buy a skein of yarn from Fibernymph Dye Works, in her Bounce base. This is the Calypso colorway, and I love the chunky stripes with the eensy while stripes between. Green striped socks make me so happy, so these were again for me. And again, I finished them in time.

Since my oldest daughter’s birthday falls in April, I decided that it was her turn for another pair of socks. Abbi asked for socks in rainbow colors, which made for an interesting challenge when yarn shopping. I was able to find a rainbow-striping yarn from KnitPicks – their Felici sock yarn in (what else) the Rainbow colorway.

This time I wanted to do something a little different – they’re still going to be self-striping socks and I still wanted a fairly mindless, easy pattern but I wanted something other than straight stockinette. One of my newest podcast favorites is Mel-Tran Designs Knitting Corner and Melissa has a free pattern out on Ravelry for a Chevron sock striping pattern. The pattern is written toe-up, but it’s been very easy to adapt to cuff-down.

Abbi never wears matching socks, so these are going to be fraternal twins – I’m not every trying to match up the striping pattern. It’s kind of freeing to not have to even think about whether the stripes are lining up or not.

I’m making these on size 2 needles (3mm) over 72 stitches per sock. They do fit Abbi’s foot and leg, but she must have a large heel because it’s difficult to get the portion of cuff over her heel. I’m debating whether to keep going or frog these and start over again with 80 stitches per sock. The yarn is really stretchy though, so they may be ok as-is.

Striping sock yarn is so much fun to work with – I’ll have to see if I stay in the stripe frame of mind over the next few months or if I want to try anything else. Socks are a fun way to try out new techniques and patterns with a project that’s fairly quick, easy and portable.

12 pairs of socks by the end of 2013 – so far, so good!

Catching up

It’s always hard to come back after a blogging break – especially when it stretches much longer than ever anticipated… And that contributes to the problem – the longer the break, the harder it is to actually sit down at the keyboard and begin to put words down again.

I’ve taken a break from all 3 of my sites this fall – a much-needed one. And I’m working on combining my other 2 sites together – something that will hopefully be done in the next couple of weeks. But I don’t want to wait any longer to start updating here again – especially since I do have a lot of knitting to catch you all up on. :)


I’d left off back in August when I’d started working on a scarf for my middle daughter’s Halloween costume – she wanted to be Hermione from the Harry Potter books/movies. I finished the scarf in October, giving me plenty of time to make one further Halloween-related project as well – more about that in a bit.

Halloween2011 002

The scarf turned out perfectly, and I found a Gryffindor patch online that I bought and attached using fabric glue. I’d worried that after having spent all of the time and effort to make the scarf, it would turn out to be too hot on Halloween to wear it, but we had pretty decent weather. Not too hot, but not terribly freezing either. The girls were all warm enough wearing heavy clothes under (or with) their costumes with no need for coats.

Two of them did wear hats though – my oldest had put together her own costume to be Hello Kitty (since I didn’t think the store-bought costume for Hello Kitty was anywhere near appropriate for a 10-year-old), and part of that involved a Hello Kitty-faced hat that we bought. If I hadn’t already been working on the scarf, I may have tried to make one, but the one she used was really cute and she’s wearing it as her winter hat this year too, so it definitely wasn’t money wasted.

BeccasPumpkinHat 002

My youngest wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween – I found a very cute costume at a secondhand store, and picked up cheap orange sweats for her to wear under it. About a week before Halloween, I decided that she needed a pumpkin hat to go with her costume, so I quickly knitted one. I ended up making my own pattern since I couldn’t find one that I liked – I’ve made enough hats in general now to have a pretty good idea how to get what I was looking for and it turned out perfectly. I’ll post the pattern next time in case anyone ever wants to duplicate the hat ( and so I don’t forget myself, lol).

BeccasPumpkinHat 001

Halloween2011 004

I loved being able to help with the girls’ costumes this year, since sewing is definitely not something I’m good enough at to even attempt trying to make an entire costume at home. I need to remember to pin them down on costume choices a couple of months ahead of time again next year so I’ll have plenty of knitting time for however I can contribute to what they decide to dress up as then!

She’ll be able to wear them – barely

So let’s just say that I’m not exactly an expert at knitting socks. And apparently I’m even less of an expert at sizing them correctly. Next time I’ll make sure to measure the feet and knit the socks to the correct length – I was pretty much just excited to get them done at this point. And done they are – my first pair of kids knitted socks. :)

I finished the second one up over the New Year’s weekend while we were visiting friends – I tend to get to a certain point and have a hard time stopping until the project is done. My hands were killing me when I finished the sock – but it was worth it.

Here’s the second sock by itself – it looks pretty much just like the first one did, which is the point I guess:

KidSock#2 002KidSock#2 001

And here are the two socks together. I think there may be a smidgen of a difference in size – but the stripes made it very easy to count and compare rows, so they’re not too far off.

KidSocksDone 001KidSocksDone 002

My 4-year-old was extremely excited to get these socks and she wore them the next day. And to bed that night. She would have worn them the following day as well, if I hadn’t removed them myself, under protest from a very irritated preschooler. I think that means that they’re a hit. And comfortable too, I’d guess. ;)

BeccasKnitSocks 002

I did make one fairly noticeable mistake on the second sock – again, I was in a hurry when I finished it and not paying close enough attention. Can you see it? Here’s a picture where it’s a little more apparent:

BeccasKnitSocks 001

Yep, I somehow grafted the toe of the second sock in the wrong direction – vertically instead of horizontally. It really doesn’t make much of a difference when the socks are worn – and I guess I’ll always be able to tell the two socks apart this way. But still… Sigh.

The socks are only going to fit my daughter for a short while – her heel’s already pushing past the ‘turned’ part. They’ll work for now though – at least until her feet grown again. The way they’ve been going lately, that could be as soon as next week! But at least she’ll get some chances to wear them before she outgrows them.

BeccasKnitSocks 003

Both she and I wore our hand-knitted socks on the same day – she was pretty proud of them.

KnitSocks 002

And so am I.  :)

Next up OTN: I apparently need to make a new hat for my oldest daughter as hers was lost in a McDonalds away from home. On the plus side? The fact that someone seemed to have thought well enough of my knitting to decide to walk off with the hat. But it’s still frustrating to have put the work and time into something and then have it disappear… Oh well – at least it’s a chance to work on a quick, easy project before I decide how to tackle the next pair of socks.

It’s (still) all about socks…

I seem to be on a mission lately – I’m having so much fun making socks that I really haven’t had any kind of motivation to try anything else. And there’s nothing wrong with that – because socks are not only fun and cute to look at, but useful when it’s 20 degrees outside. Right?  ;)

I finished my first kid-sized sock the other day and am very happy with how it turned out. With one smallish exception – the sock size was listed as for ages 4-8. I figured that it might fit my 8-year-old or my almost-5-year-old. Working on the sock, I thought it seemed a bit small, so I tried it on my youngest’s foot before I started the toe decreases. It kind of fit, but I added an extra 8 rows to the foot anyway, just in case. I’m glad I did – because even with those added rows, it still barely fits her. She can wear it – but the second her foot grows any (or if the sock shrinks when washed), it’ll be too small.

Guess I need to finish the second one soon then, so she can wear them at least a few times!

Here’s how the sock looks from both sides:

KidsSock1 001KidsSock1 002

I love how the stripes turned out (loving the self-striping yarn!) and this was definitely better to work with than the stretchy stuff was. There’s still a little bit of laddering, but it’s noticeable mostly in the top ribbing without stretching the sock out. I knit this one on 4 dpns instead of 3, and I think that helped too. I definitely feel like I’ve got a good feel for how socks are structured now and by the time I finish the second of this pair, I think I’ll be ready to try something a little more challenging.

I keep looking at sock pattern books – there are so many different ways to make them! Toe-up, cuff-down, Magic Loop, 2 circular needles, dpns… I am somewhat overwhelmed when it comes to the different options and choices. I really want to see if I can figure out some of the ways on circular needles, but don’t know whether to try one long needle or two. I also would love to learn how to knit 2 socks at once so I can complete one whole project at a time.

A couple of months ago I did buy a book, called Knitting More Circles Around Socks: Two at a Time, Toe Up or Cuff Down (affiliate link) by Antje Gillingham. It’s a method using 2 circular needles and making 2 socks at once. I think I’ll try her basic sock pattern when I’m done with the second kid sock and see if I can figure it out. :)

Here’s how the first sock looks on my daughter’s foot:

KidsSock1 001

I’ve started the second sock – just finished the ribbing and started the stockinette stitch part today. I’m hoping to get it done during Christmas break.  :)