Off the Needles! Athena Socks – Take 2

Back in January, I set out to knit my oldest daughter a pair of socks. Nine months later – she finally has a pair that fit! And I am planning on waiting a very long time before knitting anything else in pink. 😉 The first pair of socks did not fit Abbi – I think […]

Crocheted Towel Topper

Twelve+ years ago, I received four dish towels as either a bridal shower or wedding gift. Actually I received more than four altogether, but these four were different – because they each had a crocheted top with a loop and button, so you could hang them on something. I can’t remember who gave them to […]

Summer Knitting

Yes, I know -it’s been forever and a day since I posted over here. Not that I haven’t been knitting… Although I do find that during the summer I don’t generally do as much knitting as in the colder months. It’s just too hard to knit when your hands are sweaty. But I did actually […]