Four years!

So I figured out completely by accident last night that it’s been almost exactly four years since I taught myself to knit. I was looking through a bunch of photos that I took four years ago to find something for this week’s Wordless Wednesday, and happened to see pictures of my first two knitting projects […]

OTN: Ruffle scarf!

I just had to share because I know these are becoming really popular and I finally decided that I just had to try making one myself. And it’s such an easy and quick knit – for something that turns out so pretty… Perfect for gift-making! The yarn I bought is called Starbella. There were several […]

Weekly Update – Feb 6

So it’s been a couple of weeks this time – but here’s what I’ve been up to lately! She’s six! Tessa and tennis balls Wordless Wednesday – Sixth Birthday Party Review: Tide Coldwater #tide #washcold Weekend Update I never thought I’d miss the stroller days… Wordless Wednesday – How ironic… One fish, two fish… And […]