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Four years!

So I figured out completely by accident last night that it’s been almost exactly four years since I taught myself to knit. I was looking through a bunch of photos that I took four years ago to find something for this week’s Wordless Wednesday, and happened to see pictures of my first two knitting projects from way back then.

I was a pretty avid crocheter in earlier years but had started having a lot of pain in my hand when I crocheted, so thought knitting would be a good challenge to tackle. I was right! :)


It was very simple – just garter stitch. I do remember being proud of myself for figuring out how to change colors though. I can’t remember for absolute certain, but I think I’d originally used those colors because I a) had the yarn already in-hand from a baby afghan I’d been planning to crochet and b) thought my husband would be able to use the scarf. I was wrong – the scarf was too short for him (he’s not the scarf type anyway), and the colors weren’t ‘girl’ enough to tempt any of my daughters to wear it. I think this scarf is still buried at the bottom of a drawer somewhere.


I still had yarn left after the scarf, so I made a hat to match. At the time I wasn’t ready to tackle knitting in the round, so this hat was knitted flat and then I seamed it up the side. Not very well, as you can see:


I did have someone willing at least to model the hat for me, but I don’t think it’s been worn since. It wasn’t a horrible job for a first attempt, but I cringe when I look at these pictures of it now – I’ve learned so much since then!


Do you remember what your first knitting project was? Do you still have it? :)

OTN: Ruffle scarf!

I just had to share because I know these are becoming really popular and I finally decided that I just had to try making one myself. And it’s such an easy and quick knit – for something that turns out so pretty… Perfect for gift-making!

RufflyScarf 001

The yarn I bought is called Starbella. There were several other types at the yarn store today too – some sparkly or fuzzy ones, but I really like the colors in this one.

The idea here is that the yarn stretches out and looks just about like a net – you knit through the top loops in short rows to create a cascading look…

RufflyScarf 003

This is the scarf that I started tonight – after about 20 minutes it’s almost halfway done! This scarf is 4 stitches per row – you cast-on just by slipping the needle through the holes in the top of the mesh, then you knit through the next open hole at the top and so on, turning after each row.  For a thicker scarf you could use longer rows – some of the samples I saw had up to 8 stitches per row.

The only complicated part is that you have to stretch out the mesh as you go and find the top loops – but the more I work on the scarf, the easier it gets.

RufflyScarf 002

I’ll probably finish this up tomorrow – I can’t wait to wear my pretty new scarf! And my girls are already begging to make their own ruffle scarves – this is easy enough that they should be able to!