Tackling… the backyard (Part 2 – the deck saga)

I started off thinking I would write a quick post the other day about what we’ve been up to in our backyard for the past couple of weeks. But there’s a lot more to say than I originally thought, so I’m breaking this up into a few different parts. The other day I talked about […]

Wordless Wednesday #196 – My superheroes (otherwise known as making the rounds of Vacation Bible Schools)

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Tackling… the backyard (Part 1 – the sandbox and the tree)

This post is several weeks – and in some ways several years, in the making, which is why it’s being broken up into several parts. Earlier this spring, Ron decided that he was going to take a week off from work in order to get some of the projects done around the yard that have […]

On knitting – or the lack thereof, anyway…

Yes, I’m still here! Just not knitting – at least not as much right now. I spent so much of May working with the new Sheep(ish) yarn and then just haven’t really found a new project that I’m very excited about since then. It’s hard in the summertime too, when it’s often so hot and […]

Why I don’t wear dresses

The other day, one of my girls asked me a question, and it kind of stopped me in my tracks. You see, all 3 of my girls are ‘girly’ enough that they love to wear dresses any chance they get. I have to fight with them during the school year to get them to wear […]

Wordless Wednesday #195 – Hula Hoopin’ Girls!

So yes, I know this is late (again) – but our power was out last night and I’ve been interrupted about 20,000 times today while trying to get things done – this was #3 on my list of things to do this morning and I’m just getting to it now… Sigh. Better late than never […]

Kind of like holding Jell-o in an earthquake…

I remember posting about this time last year about how crazy busy we were – even more so than when school was in session. It seemed like every class and activity I’d signed the girls up for all met during the same week and we spent the first couple of weeks after school let out […]

Still on Arizona time…

It’s been over a week since Becca and I got home from Arizona and I think we’ve settled back into the normal routine of ‘home’ pretty well. At least mostly – with one exception. My internal clock seems to still be operating 3 hours behind… This isn’t a complete surprise to me – even as […]

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday #194 – Swimming!

Yes, somehow I flaked on the fact that today is indeed, Wednesday. So I’m just going to pretend that I’m not almost 24 hours late in posting this… Blame it on the fact that my entire family is home this week and I’m completely thrown off schedule, ok? We are exceedingly fortunate in that our […]

As much as I love to travel (and I do!), it’s nice to be home too

Wow, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m ready for a weekend just to relax at home! I feel like these past few weeks have been all go-go-go, with very little down time. Even the time that I’ve been here at home has been full of stuff that’s needed to get done. Which is […]