Wordless Wednesday #192 – Memorial Day

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Get Sheep(ish) with Vickie Howell’s new Stitch. Rock. Love yarn!

I’ve been working with yarn in one way or another since I was a kid – back from when my mom first taught me to finger crochet and use a french knitting spool, to my college years when I learned to crochet and made afghans for everybody I knew – right up to these past […]

(Not Very) Wordless Wednesday #191 – Gleek Retreat via Instagram

Have I mentioned how much I love the Instagram iPhone app*?? It’s so easy to get and share pictures and you can edit them right there on your phone using their presets very quickly and easily. I had a lot of fun taking and sharing photos over the weekend at Gleek Retreat, and even a […]

Missing out

Don’t you always feel like you’re being pulled in different directions? I wear so many hats – wife, mom, blogger, friend, person… And it doesn’t always seem like there’s enough time in the day to do everything that I know I should be doing for all of them. Back when I worked full-time, I used […]

Wordless Wednesday #190 – I’ll be your model, Mom!

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Our crazy, busy, ‘lots going on’ weekend

It always seems to turn out that we’ll have several weekends in a row with nothing scheduled – and then bam! Everything suddenly hits all at once. That’s the kind of weekend that we just had here. For once though, we got off to a somewhat late start on Saturday – Hannah’s soccer game didn’t […]

Nifty knitting things

When it comes to supplies, knitting has its fair share of stuff to stock up on. Needles and yarn, of course. A pair or two of scissors of some sort too. But then there are lots of things that you don’t necessarily have to have, but which can make knitting a lot easier – like […]

It’s a single (parent) life

Or at least it has been this week, for me. While I’ve traveled somewhat often over the past few years, leaving the girls home with Ron and whomever is helping out to watch them, I can count on one hand the number of times that Ron’s traveled anywhere overnight. Actually, I don’t even need a […]

Wordless Wednesday #189 – Swinging

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Four years

As I’m reminded every May when I renew my domain names, another blogging year has gone by. This month marks four years since I started this site, three years since I began blogging at my review site, and one year since I started my knitting blog. I am somewhat in awe of the fact that […]