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Finally – the sock is finished!

After 2 months (and two separate attempts), I have a finished sock for my 8-year-old daughter. I can’t believe how long this one simple project has taken – in part because I did start over when I was more than halfway done, but also due to an illness and a very busy family life as well. In any case, not only is the first sock done, but I have already cast on and begun the second sock – not wanting to leave it, because ‘Second Sock Syndrome’ was already threatening and I knew I’d have a very unhappy daughter if she didn’t end up with an entire pair of socks.

This was an interesting sock to knit – mostly because of that different ‘forethought’ heel. Even after the heel was done and I was working on the foot and toe sections, the sock was basically split into front and back sections instead of starting and ending each row in the middle of the heel area. And the sock does still lie flatter front to back than it does on its side, as you can see here:

Side view:

FirstHannahSock 002

Back view:

FirstHannahSock 004

Front view:

FirstHannahSock 003

My middle daughter happened to be away at a sleepover when I actually finished the sock, so I had her older sister try it on instead. It fit her perfectly – which means that it’ll be somewhat large for the foot it’s intended for. But that’s ok – I did make the foot portion longer on purpose, not wanting it to get outgrown this summer before she even has a chance to wear the pair next fall.

First HannahSock 006

Besides, at this rate, it may take me until fall to get the second sock done anyway! Especially since I plan on casting on at least one other project too – I’m already very tired of this pattern and need some variety. I’m not exactly sure what yet – but I’ve got a few ideas. :)

Here’s the start of sock #2 – hopefully it’ll continue to grow…

SecondHannahSock 001

My knitting and crochet time – 2KCBWDAY7

SundayAfternoonMy typical crafting time… I’m not sure I really have one, actually. I try to carry my knitting bag with me when I’m out and about, just in case I have a few minutes here or there to pull out my current project. In fact I have a difficult time leaving home without it – which is the same way that I used to be with books, back when I read during every spare minute (before kids). Whether sitting at the McDonalds play area while the kids run off some energy, or waiting for my daughter during her weekly cheerleading practice, I manage to squeeze in some knitting time whenever I can.

But when I’m at home, I usually end up knitting during the hour or so that the girls are getting ready for bed. They don’t need our help for any of that anymore, so I can take the hour to sit and relax – and knit. Sometimes I’ll go several days without any knitting time, or sometimes I’ll find more time than I’d planned – it really depends on the day. Back during football season, I’d discovered that Sunday afternoons were a great time to knit – listening to my favorite podcasts with my earbuds in, while my husband was glued to the game and the kids played on their own. Somehow those lazy Sunday afternoons haven’t been happening like that lately.

I think the most structured knitting time that I usually get is on Wednesday nights. The girls and I head to church for the weekly dinner and classes. The girls have children’s choir and then head to their classes. I help out in the kitchen after dinner – and then head to my ‘class’, which is called ‘Purls of Wisdom’ and is a knitting group, where we discuss everything from what everyone’s working on to what’s going on in our lives. At the end we take prayer requests and do a group prayer. I really enjoy the chance to ask questions, help others, share thoughts and projects and have at least one hour a week where I know I don’t have to scrape together time to knit.

Last Wednesday was my last knitting group for a while though – my middle daughter starts soccer practices tonight – Wednesdays, for the next 7 weeks. But, as long as the weather permits, I’ll be sitting on the sidelines with knitting needles in hand. Knitting along with the group in spirit, if not in person. :)

Something to aspire to… 2KCBWDAY6

So yes, Saturday was 2KCBWDAY6 and I dropped the ball on actually posting every day for Knitting & Crochet Blog Week. But, I do have a very good excuse (or two) – a combination of a new puppy in the house, my oldest daughter’s birthday on Sunday (which included a slumber party Saturday night) and houseguests all weekend. I barely got a chance to even check my e-mail, much less post anything!

But I do want to finish out the week anyway, even though it’s late. I’m excited about these last two topics, so I’ll post ‘Day 6’ today and do ‘Day 7’ tomorrow. Enjoy! :)

Today’s topic is about a pattern or skill that, “you don’t yet feel ready to tackle but which you hope to (or think you can only dream of) tackling in the future, near or distant”. And I’m still such a beginning knitter that I have a really long list for this. But to be honest, it can really be summed up in just one word – everything.

I love everything that I’ve learned about knitting so far – and I want to do it all! Eventually, that is. I like going slowly and taking on one new skill at a time, but there are so many things that I still want to learn.

Like color work (Fair Isle) – I love the intricate designs and beautiful color patterns, and would love to attempt it some day myself. And I want to learn knitting in the round on 2 circular needles – and how to make 2 socks at once. I want to learn some of the more complicated stitches that I’ve seen on others’ projects. I’d love to knit and finish a sweater someday. And learn to make other garments too. I want to learn entrelac and other techniques that I’ve never even heard of yet. I really haven’t come across any skill or pattern I’ve seen that I haven’t wanted to try – someday.

In the near future though, I think I’m sticking with socks for now – at least until I master everything I want to learn about them. They’re fairly quick and easy to knit and they’re useful. After this current pair, I’m planning to attempt either 2 at a time using Magic Loop, or will try 2 at a time with 2 circulars. It’ll be an interesting journey, I’m sure – which is one of the reasons I started this particular blog in the first place, to share it with other aspiring or current knitters.

I can’t wait to keep learning and sharing it all with you! :)

Come back tomorrow to hear about when/where I usually do my knitting!

And now for something completely different! 2KCBWDAY5

Well, I did say ‘different’, so here you go – my first attempt at vlogging about knitting, for 2KCBWDAY5. :) Please ignore the clock chiming in the background and my daughter near the end. Oh yes, and this was shot on a Kodak Playtouch video camera. Enjoy!

And here’s my very first video showing techniques specifically for left-handed knitters, as I talk about in the video above. This is just for casting on – I go over the long-tail cast-on and the knitted cast-on. I really did have fun with this – I can’t wait to make more of them! :)

Come back tomorrow to find out what skills I’m looking forward to learning in the future!