A whole lot of updating going on…

Phew, I don’t hardly even know where to start. I guess at the beginning will do… As some of you may already know, I spent 4 days last week traveling – down to Orlando, FL for a blogger retreat for TravelingMom.com. I’ve been writing for the site for about 6 months now as ‘West Michigan […]

Wordless Wednesday #180 – When things don’t always go her way…

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Wordless Wednesday: Both hands will now be kept warm!

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Happy Birthday, Dad

I’ve been thinking a lot about grandparents lately. In part because I’ve seen some posts from blogging friends recently about grandparents who have passed away – Stephanie just said goodbye to her beloved Poppal, and Jamie posted about remembering her grandmother on what would have been her 95th birthday. But also because today is my […]

Fun Knitting Links and Patterns: Oct 2010 – Feb 2011

So I’ve been steadily collecting links for interesting knitting-related items over the past several months but hadn’t had a chance to post them until now. It’s a fairly long list, but definitely a fun one – enjoy! Shopping Whether you’re looking for needles, yarn, books or more – KnitPicks.com is a great resource to check […]

February thaw

Would you believe that in less than a 24-hour period, we went from this: and this… To this: and this? Somehow it just doesn’t seem quite fair. Then again, it’s only February and although it felt a little (ok, a lot) like Spring for a few days there and had my kids begging us to […]

A pair of gloves – and just in time too

Very strange weather we’re having here in Michigan this week. For several days it was mild and sunny, and all of the snow that we got a couple of weeks before melted. This morning was still somewhat mild but cloudy. And right after lunchtime it began to snow. I don’t think it’s let up yet […]

OTN: Two projects at once

Stop the presses – I’m actually working on more than one thing at a time! Well, kind of. Since I got kind of stalled out on the second glove that I was making and found that I was going crazy without some type of project to work on while waiting… I tend to be more […]

The next season of parenthood

I’ve always thought that it’s odd that when you’re trying to get pregnant, you say that you want to ‘have a baby’ or when you are pregnant, you’re having a ‘baby’… Because yes, it’s certainly true that a baby is what you go home from the hospital with.  But babies definitely don’t stay babies forever. […]

Wordless Wednesday #179 – Winter 2011

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