Ten Days

That’s all it took for me to knit an entire pair of socks, using the Magic Loop method! I finished the second sock tonight and can’t wait to wear them tomorrow. The second sock was definitely easier than the first – although I still tend to lose a stitch when I join the round, so […]

Wordless Wednesday #176 – Pure excitement

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I’m a “this big” girl!

So we’re now the parents of a five-year-old! Becca had a really nice birthday – the day before we’d taken in treats to preschool and she got to celebrate with her class. Which included a construction paper birthday ‘crown’ that she wore for the rest of the day, and all the next day (her actual […]

I’m in love!

With the ‘Magic Loop’ method for knitting in circles, that is.  Not that I’m about to throw out every single pair of my dpns… But wow, is it ever so much easier. I had a feeling that I would feel this way from everything that I’d heard and read from other knitters, but I was […]

Five years ago…

I gave birth to the most beautiful little baby girl ever. Yes, I am a bit biased. But that’s ok.  She wasn’t the easiest baby, but she has always been a sweetheart, full of energy and personality. And dimples. With a smidgen of attitude in the mix as well. And yes, she’s had her diva-esque […]

(Not at all Wordless) Wednesday – Cupcakes always make everything better

So, yes I’ve been a ‘bad’ blogger and haven’t posted anything since last week’s WW… I can’t even really explain why – other than I’m fighting off a major case of ‘sad’ or rather S. A. D. (season affective disorder), which I struggle with every winter anyway but this year seems to have me in […]


This time of year I really struggle with being stuck in the house so much and feeling cooped up. It’s gray and cold and snowy outside, and especially after all of the holiday decorations are down and put away, every place just looks dull. I posted earlier about how I decided to try making flowers […]

Wordless Wednesday #175 – Creative sledding!

Ok, so this post does require at least a little bit of explanation, so I apologize for straying from the spirit of ‘wordless’ this week… After a day or two of simply climbing the hill in the backyard and sledding down – the kids started to get a bit more daring. And some interesting ideas […]

And down the hill they came…

When Ron and I first looked at this house (over 7 years ago now), there was something that immediately struck us about the backyard. We took one look at the slope that begins at one end of the yard and ends about in the middle – and both of us knew it would make an […]


Tomorrow morning I’m going to do something that has always seemed so very far out there that the time would never come. I’m going to register Becca for kindergarten. I can remember when Abby was a baby, thinking about how far off it seemed before she would be school-aged. And here I sit now with […]