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Kids socks are easier–and quicker. Who knew?!

Well, I’ve been moving along on my first kid-sized sock, knitted again on dpns. I’ve watched a couple of videos about Magic Loop and feel like I might be ready to actually try that next, but I want to make sure I’ve got the whole sock concept down first.

One thing I am doing differently this time is to knit the socks using 5 dpns, instead of 4. And I’m knitting them right-side out – I’m not sure how my last ones ended up being knitted inside-out, but this feels and looks much better. It’s definitely a quicker knit – if I weren’t so busy with other things this time of year, I think I’d have more than finished the first sock by now.

I did take it on my recent trip to New York – and was able to sneak in some knitting time while waiting around airports with my older girls. I had no trouble at all getting the needles through security – I’d left my craft scissors at home since I didn’t think those would make it through. But since I was only beginning the sock at the time, I figured I wouldn’t be cutting the yarn in the 3 days I’d be gone. And I was right.  :)


I like the stripey yarn – although I think on the next pair I’ll knit the cuff, heel and toe in a matching solid color instead. The stripes just don’t translate well into the ribbed cuff.

I already have a new idea for a project in mind too – I’d love to try a pair of gloves where the fingers come about down to the first knuckle or so and leave the fingertips free. I realized that wearing traditional gloves while trying to use an iPhone just doesn’t work, so having fingertips easily available would be very helpful. I’ve seen a pattern that incorporates a hand flap that folds back to expose the fingers when necessary – I don’t know how difficult it would be to make, but after these socks are done, I might just give it a try. At the rate I’m going, maybe I’ll get them done – around oh, July 4th or so.  ;)

Learning more as I go along

It’s funny how much more I know now about knitting than I did when I started out a couple of years ago. And how much more I know that I yet need to learn… Sometimes lessons are discovered well after they happened – and past mistakes come back to, well bite me.

For example, a couple of the first projects that I made which were something other than scarves and squares – were hats for the girls, as I posted about previously. I’ve been rather proud of the hats that I’d made for Hannah and Becca last year – they’re cute, they fit and I did a pretty good job on them. Or at least I thought I had.

Take a good look at Hannah’s hat…


I thought at the time that the pattern was interesting, because the main portion of the hat wasn’t straight stockinette stitch. I hadn’t looked at this particular pattern in a while though, because I’d misplaced the book it’s in. After finishing my socks though, I decided it was time to knit Becca a new hat since hers is getting a little small – and because she hadn’t picked out the yarn for the initial one herself, since it originally was meant to be for Hannah (just turned out smaller than anticipated). I thought about what pattern I wanted to use and decided that I really liked this one because it wasn’t just rounds of straight knitting like the hat I recently made for Abby was.

Looking at the pattern though, I was confused when I saw that it does indeed call for rounds of knitting in stockinette stitch for the main portion instead of the alternating rounds of knitting and purling that the completed hats have.

Then I realized…

Apparently on these first hats (my first attempts at knitting in the round) I hadn’t yet learned that since in the round you’re always knitting on the same side of the project -  you create stockinette stitch by knitting every round, instead of a flat project where stockinette is created by alternate rows of knitting and purling back and forth. So when this pattern called for “continuing in stockinette stitch”, I apparently did what I was used to, and knitted/purled in alternating rounds.

It really doesn’t take anything away from these early hats – they’re still cute, they still fit, and I’ve gotten several compliments on them. But, now that I know they were actually made incorrectly, it just bugs me.

So I knitted Becca a new hat this week – in a yarn that she picked out (from several options I gave her), and in this pattern. The hat fits, it’s cute – and I can be proud that I finally completed the pattern correctly.  :)


Next up – more confusion reigns… This time back to socks. After looking through book after book, searching different methods online and asking opinions at the LYS – I’m going back to basics and am going to take the method that I already know (dpns) and try to get better at that before I throw different techniques into the mix. So I’m knitting another pair of socks – this time in a non-stretchy sock yarn (Bernat Sox to be specific). And I’m knitting them one at a time on dpns – but this time 4 dpns instead of 3, so hopefully the laddering will be less of an issue this time. The socks will go to whichever of the girls they end up fitting (my best guess from looking at the pattern is Hannah – any bets?). So we’ll see. The first one doesn’t look like much so far yet, but I just started it tonight so give it some time.  :)


A tale of two… socks

So as of tonight, I officially have my very own pair of hand-knit socks! I finished the second one – and it really didn’t turn out too badly. I definitely made fewer mistakes than on the first sock, and if it weren’t for the visible laddering, I think this one turned out really well.


It’s really very close in size to the first sock – I used the first one as a comparison to match it to while I was knitting. The foot on this one might be a smidge smaller – but it still fits, so who cares.  :)


I’m so excited – partly because it’s a great feeling to accomplish something like this project that took a lot of time and new techniques to learn. I’m also excited because this is the first time I’ve knitted something for myself to wear. Everything else I’d knitted before was for the girls.



I also did meet my self-imposed deadline of finishing the second sock in time to wear them on my birthday – which is tomorrow. I can’t wait to spend the day keeping my feet warm in something that I created myself.  :)


Now I just have to decide what to make next.  :)