Kids socks are easier–and quicker. Who knew?!

Well, I’ve been moving along on my first kid-sized sock, knitted again on dpns. I’ve watched a couple of videos about Magic Loop and feel like I might be ready to actually try that next, but I want to make sure I’ve got the whole sock concept down first. One thing I am doing differently […]

Too much, too little–and oh yes, Hannah turned 8 today!

Too much to do lately, and way too little time to get it all done, that is… I can’t believe that here it is with only just an hour left of Hannah’s birthday and I hadn’t even gotten the chance to throw up a Happy Birthday post for her until now… Sigh. Blame it all […]

Wondering where we are this weekend?

Abby, Hannah and I were invited on an incredible trip – which I can’t post about here, but you can read all about over at my other site! We’re in New York City – here’s a sneak peek…

Wordless Wednesday #169 – Remote controlled fun

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Tackling… not everything – but the kitchen sink

Yes, I know – bad pun. Although not necessarily as bad as you might think – I do need to tackle, pretty much everything.  I haven’t posted many tackles lately, because they all seem to be the same over and over again and there’s really nothing interesting to post about laundry, dishes, picking up the […]

It’s Sunday again? Really?

Wow, apparently when you’re 40 time speeds up even more quickly than it was previously and suddenly a week goes by and you realize that you haven’t actually posted anything of substance since you were still in your 30’s. And it would seem that the whole being organized and keeping track of everything that’s supposed […]

Learning more as I go along

It’s funny how much more I know now about knitting than I did when I started out a couple of years ago. And how much more I know that I yet need to learn… Sometimes lessons are discovered well after they happened – and past mistakes come back to, well bite me. For example, a […]

Wordless Wednesday #168 – Spending my birthday at…

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Random thoughts on the last day…

Of my 30’s that is. Today. Tomorrow is my birthday – and I will be 40 years old. Or 40 years young, rather.  This past decade has been that of motherhood for me. When I turned 30, I was still in my first year of marriage , and was 4 months pregnant with Abby. I […]

A tale of two… socks

So as of tonight, I officially have my very own pair of hand-knit socks! I finished the second one – and it really didn’t turn out too badly. I definitely made fewer mistakes than on the first sock, and if it weren’t for the visible laddering, I think this one turned out really well. It’s […]