And it all comes down to…

Money. Really – that’s the whole reason why we’re in this mess right now. I think back to some of the mistakes we made in the past and the things that we thought were important to spend money on back then and just wish I could give my younger self a swift, firm kick in […]

Still trying to figure it all out…

So yesterday was a horrible, rotten, no-good day. Not just even all of the house mess – but I’m not proud of the way I handled things either. Up until that point I’d been trying extremely hard to maybe not be totally optimistic (more like realistic), but I’d had a very strong feeling that everything […]

Wordless Wednesday #163 – Just a little bit from ArtPrize 2010

“A Living City“ “River of Light”                                                                                          “Rag Rug“ “Tuffatore“ “Accord”   […]

The one where I realize we’re totally screwed…

I’m sitting at my computer, in our home office – in our HOME, in disbelief. I truly can’t understand how things have gotten to this point or so far down this road. I’m struggling with how much to say or not say, but I feel that I must say something now – if only to […]

I ♥ Faces – with chalk

This week’s theme is “Chalk” – and I have a lot of pictures that I’ve taken of my kids drawing with chalk. Unfortunately, at least for this challenge – most of my favorites don’t include their faces. Even so, I had such a hard time choosing my favorite to use this week, but finally decided […]

I’d almost forgotten how to sit through a soccer game when it wasn’t raining…

Yes, after 2 weeks of raining or threatening-to-rain, cold, windy, playing on a soaking wet field kind of weather – we finally had sun! Not for the entire game, but for a good portion of it – and the field was finally dry as well. Even on Wednesday and Thursday the field were still marsh-like […]

Future blogger perhaps?

She loves to sit at the little picnic table on our front porch, where for whatever reason the old, non-working keyboard that Daddy gave them has ended up. Quickly she picks out the letters of her name, B-E-C-C-A, and those of her sisters’ names as well, A-B-B-Y and H-A-N-N-A-H. She’s stumped when she gets to […]

Knitting in Public

I really don’t think twice about taking my knitting with me just about anywhere that I go. And sometimes I do even actually have the time to pull it out and work for a little while. Usually while the kids are busy playing somewhere, like the mall or the library… It is interesting though to […]

Wordless Wednesday #162 – Last lazy days of summer…

See more photos at Wordless Wednesday and 5 Minutes For Mom! 1. alicia @ a beautiful mess *LINKY* 2. Fun @ Nickelodeon Suites w/LINKY 3. Liza (yacb) 4. Liza (mcn) 5. Maria @ LSS 6. Simply Delicious 7. Cafe au lait 8. Cafe au lait 9. Brothers 10. The Stare Down 11. Lauren @ Hobo […]

So, I’ve actually been cheating a little bit…

No, not what you’re thinking – I promise! I actually have been cheating a bit here and there – on my blogs. My two, already-established blogs, that is. And the result of this cheating? A brand-new, little baby blog.  I know – do I really need a third blog to keep up with, when I […]