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Knitting in Public

I really don’t think twice about taking my knitting with me just about anywhere that I go. And sometimes I do even actually have the time to pull it out and work for a little while. Usually while the kids are busy playing somewhere, like the mall or the library…

It is interesting though to see how people react when they see me knitting. Some just make eye contact and smile, some completely ignore me altogether, and others probably don’t even notice or think twice. But oftentimes there’s someone who will come up and (sometimes shyly) ask me what I’m making. I always like that – talking about knitting is almost as much fun as actually working with the needles. And I’m always interested to hear if they’re fellow knitters (or crocheters) or not.

On the flip side, I love seeing other people knitting when I’m out in public too. And it makes things so much easier to get started when you’re looking for a good way to approach somebody too. It’s simpler to say “oh, what’s that you’re making?” than come up with a whole topic of conversation out of nowhere.

I just wish I were better at taking the conversation beyond knitting on these occasions… I’m a huge introvert and once you get past the “oh what are you making?” small talk, I’m usually at a loss for where to go next. :(

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve taken my knitting along to my middle daughter’s soccer practices. It’s a 1-1/2 hour, very long time to sit without anything to do otherwise, and was probably one big reason why I was able to finish the second Snookie last week. Tonight, I took the sock and worked away for a good while. And got into a really good conversation with another mom who also knits a little bit here and there. She’d never seen anyone knitting on dpns before so was very curious what that was all about.

For someone who’s shy, knitting in public (KIP) can be a good ice breaker – or a way to avoid awkward conversations if you want to be left alone for a while. For an extrovert, I would imagine that KIP is a good way to start conversations when you want to as well.

If you’re a knitter (or crocheter), do you take your work along when you’re out in public? Do you have good conversations or meet interesting people when you knit?

What can I say…

Wow did the last half of the summer ever get away from me. Not just in knitting, but pretty much everything in general. I spent quite a while working on my second Nook Snookie and just finished it over the weekend. Here’s the final result – front and back sides:


I made this one slightly differently from the first one – I finally had size 9 needles, so I decreased the stitch count slightly. And I made it just a little bit shorter and without the extra drawstring. Overall, I’m really happy with it and my Nook is nice and snug inside. I probably could’ve decreased the total stitch count per round even more though – it is a bit loose.

One interesting challenge to this particular project was that I’d purchased a very short circular needle to see if I could knit the whole thing in the round that way rather than on dpns. It worked – but knitting on such a short circular needle definitely wasn’t easy. Which also probably contributed to how long this project took to finish.

In general, I think I’m about Snookied-out at this point. I went through both my pattern books and my ‘in-progress’ stuff to see what caught my eye, and really didn’t come up with much. I’d like to try a sweater, but need to wait until I can afford to buy enough yarn at once. Plus I really should finish the Smock Top first – although we’re now coming into cooler weather which takes away the incentive, since it’s a sleeveless shirt that won’t be able to be worn until next summer now. Plus, I’m 99.99% certain that I’m making it too small, so it won’t fit any of my girls anyway. Oh I’ll finish it – someday. But not right now.

No, instead I picked up a project that’s actually been languishing in my knitting bag for almost a whole year now. It was my very first try at knitting on dpns and was a traditional sock. I’d gotten so far as to complete the heel flap before I went on to other, more interesting things. I’m determined to figure socks out this winter though, so I’m going to finish this one no matter what. And hey, even if it never ends up actually fitting anybody, I’m sure my girls will still think it’s pretty cool. And it might make a good sock puppet if it comes down to that too. :)

So far I’ve managed to turn the heel, pick up stitches along the inseam and start working on the foot in rounds again. Whether all of that was done correctly? We’ll see.  But here’s a great resource that I found online – a series of videos over at on knitting socks:

Next up, I’ll be watching the ones on Decreasing Stitches and Toe Shaping. And then I’ll get to do it all over again, of course – because socks always come in pairs.  :)

Eventually I want to learn the other sock methods, like toe-up, magic loop and 2 circular needles. But I figure that this way I’ll at least have a good base for how socks are actually constructed first.

At least hopefully!