In only a week, I’ll be in NYC for BlogHer 2010!

Last year was my first time experiencing all that is the annual BlogHer conference – and it was an amazing, overwhelming, incredible time that took me several days afterward to recover from. I’d been to business conferences before through various employers, but this is NOTHING like those. In fact, there’s really no way to truly […]


I watch my older girls devour books on a regular basis, and I’m absolutely thrilled that they both take after me in this way. I mean, from the time I learned to read in first grade, pretty much up until Abby was born – I was almost never without a book at hand. Usually even […]

Nook Snookie – yes, again…

So, you could maybe call me a tad obsessed? Or perhaps that it’s a simple yet interesting pattern… Or just maybe that it’s a fairly quick knit and a good summertime option since it’s small and doesn’t fill your lap up with hot, heavy yarn… But I have made yet another Snookie tech cover.  This […]

Wordless Wednesday #154 – What Becca’s made this summer at ‘preschool pals’

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Tackling… paint, clean, move stuff around

Wow, it’s been a busy week. And unlike earlier in the summer when we were on the go every day, lately it’s been all about sticking around home. The good part is that it keeps us in the air conditioning, especially when it’s been hot and humid out pretty much nonstop. The not-as-good part is […]

It’s 12:46 am, and all is quiet.

Yes, I know I should have been in bed long since – and I’m headed there soon. But it has been a long day (weekend really), of moving furniture and searching desperately all over the house for lost bunk bed hardware, and trying to keep young kids occupied when it’s hot and muggy outside and […]

Upside down

One of my girls’ favorite things about going to the little splash pad at the park near our house has nothing to do with water. But rather involves the large, open grassy area directly adjacent to and behind the splash pad. I believe that during other seasons, this area houses soccer fields. But as far […]

She hardly even stood a chance, I suppose…

Ok, so I knew that my older daughter would be thrilled to learn how to knit, because she’s always been very into arts and crafts. And when I taught her a little while back, it definitely gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to have this to share with her. To be honest, I didn’t […]

Wordless Wednesday #153 – Sunset at soccer camp

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Tackling… the start of the big switcharound

Yes, I know… It’s only been not quite 2 years since we made the big effort to switch every single bedroom in our house all around. And in many ways that was a good move – and definitely has worked well, for the most part. But needs change, and we recently decided that another change […]