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Nook Snookie – yes, again…

So, you could maybe call me a tad obsessed?

Or perhaps that it’s a simple yet interesting pattern…

Or just maybe that it’s a fairly quick knit and a good summertime option since it’s small and doesn’t fill your lap up with hot, heavy yarn…

But I have made yet another Snookie tech cover.  :)

This one was from the same skein of yarn as the first two – but it pretty much finished it off. Which is a good thing because I was getting a bit tired of the gray, even though it is a pretty color.

So this time I also knitted in the round, but did the cabled version. It was an interesting mathematical challenge to figure out exactly where the 8 pattern stitches needed to go, adjusted for the 3 dpns I was using – and I actually had to even ask my mathematically-inclined hubby for help because the whole thing was giving me a headache. LOL

But it worked out very well – a total of 68 stitches that broke down to this: first needle (8 stitches, then set of 8 pattern stitches, then 8 stitches), second needle (18 stitches), third needle (set of 8 pattern stitches, then 18 stitches). Once I got the pattern stitches set, after the first few rows, it was very easy to see exactly where they needed to go as I knitted along. I only made one mistake – you can see it in the twisting cable where I purled instead of knitted for one row. And there’s definitely a bit of laddering here or there, although I was really trying to keep my stitches nice and tight as I switched needles every time.

Eh, live and learn. And knit another Snookie…  :)  The main reason behind making this one though – was that I was able to put a gift card I won to good use (along with some scrimping) and bought myself an actual Nook. I’d been wanting one so very badly – I love to read after all… And of course once I bought it, I just HAD to make it a nice cover.

Right?  ;)

Here’s the final outcome – I took a couple of different photos with different flash levels because it’s hard to see both the yarn color and the pattern correctly in one photo with this camera, for some reason.


Oh yes, the other change I made was to add a drawstring at the top to hold the Snookie closed. I just braided 3 strands of yarn tightly together and wove it through the ribbing at the top and voila! Instant drawstring, and it works perfectly. The case is slightly big – it doesn’t stretch hardly at all when I slide the Nook inside (it’s in there for these photos), but that’s ok.

And yes, I am currently making one more (final!) version of this project – with a different kind of yarn completely. I’m using a straight wool in a pretty greenish hue that I bought a little while back (it’s the Paton’s Classic Wool I posted previously). And although I’m still knitting in the round, I’m using a circular needle that I just bought specifically for this project. It’s a size 9 this time, with an 11” cord length. It’s a little hard to knit with such a short cord, but we’ll see how it goes.  :)

And then, finally – I’m going to try something different for a change. I’m thinking maybe a few headbands finally – I still haven’t started any of those yet. Or maybe I’ll finally finish the smock top. Or start something different altogether.

Or maybe all of the above, who knows!

She hardly even stood a chance, I suppose…

Ok, so I knew that my older daughter would be thrilled to learn how to knit, because she’s always been very into arts and crafts. And when I taught her a little while back, it definitely gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling to have this to share with her.

To be honest, I didn’t really consider teaching my middle daughter right away, partly because she was younger and also because she’d never really shown any interest in learning. If she’d have asked, I would have taught her in a heartbeat. But she never did, so I never thought to offer.

I guess that all of the time spent watch both me and her older sister working with the yarn and needles has rubbed off though. Because a few weeks ago, on a complete whim as we were walking through the local yarn shop so I could pick up a new pair of needles, I saw a pair of really thick ones and mentioned to my daughter that those would be perfect to learn on. I was surprised by how excited she got, but then I immediately got all excited too.

And we bought the needles.  :)

A few days later when I was at Walmart, I spied some very thick, chunky yarn in their craft section (because I always have to walk by yarn, even when I don’t actually need any, lol) – and they had it in a solid red. Knowing that red is my daughter’s favorite color, I picked up a skein, and the next day I sat down, cast on several stitches and showed her how to knit a row.

Thankfully it’s getting easier now for me to turn everything around in my head so I can show my girls how to knit right-handed. I was so confused when I first taught my oldest since I’m a lefty!

Since then, she’s worked on it just about every day, even if she only has time to knit a single row. There’s still a learning curve – she’s not very quick yet, but that will come with time. I’ve had to pick apart some rows here or there where she’s dropped a stitch or twisted something, but in general she’s doing extremely well with it. And she is having an absolute blast making herself a scarf. She’s pretty darn proud of herself too!

Just as I am so very proud of her.  :)




Fun knitting links and patterns – July 2010

From time to time when I run across interesting things around the Internet, I’ll post links to share here. In part this is a selfish move – that way I can find them later myself. ;)  But it’s also to share these fun things with anyone else who happens along this blog too. If you use or repost any of these patterns, please credit back to the original author if/as requested.  :)

Here’s what I’ve come across so far this week:

 School-themed washcloths from Fall 2006 at Knitty – perfect for college students!
 Several washcloth patterns from Dishcloth Boutique
 Totes and bags for knitting projects/supplies from Half-Pint House Handmade 
A cabled headband pattern from
 Lacy Headbands pattern from KnitPicks
 Star Stitch Headband pattern from Crafty Momma
Gauge and Yarn Substitution” by Kathleen Cubley, published at Knitting Daily
The Yarn Knot” posted at Life With Jding

If I find anything else during the week, I’ll add it into this post. Otherwise, check back in a week (or two) to see what else I’ve found around the web.

Happy knitting!  :)