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Seeing the duck…

Amidst the busy-ness that was my day last Saturday, I somehow ended up with a 2-hour chunk of ‘free time’ – and just happened to be right next door to one of my favorite stores to browse around in, JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts.

Not exactly ‘somehow’ though – I do know exactly how that happened. You see Saturday was BUSY, with Hannah having a 10:30 am soccer game and a birthday party from 2-4pm. Abby had a roller skating party from noon to 3pm and then a birthday party (across town) from 3-5pm. Once I got across town and dropped her off, I wasn’t about to fight the traffic to drive back home – just to drive back an hour or so later to get her. The fact that JoAnn’s is located right smack next door to Chuck E. Cheese? Just a happy coincidence. And I’m sticking to that story…  ;)

I don’t get to JoAnn’s much anymore, since the one on our side of town closed late last year. So I happily browsed around for a while, in part looking for a new knitting project to work on this summer. I have one started, but have hit a stumbling block – and I’ve realized that I like having something small and quick to work on that gives a) a sense of accomplishment very quickly and b) a way to knit without a large heavy piece of toasty warm fabric sitting in my lap all summer long. That last shrug was so hard to finish in the 70+ degree temps that we had at the time!

What I found, was a fun book with designs for baby washcloths. Yes, I know – I don’t have any babies, nor do I anticipate having one any time soon (if ever). But, I do know people who are having babies – or who might sometime in the future, so I know that these will be a good thing to have on hand when I need a quick baby gift. Plus they’re handmade, somewhat unique – and darn cute too.

I sat down that night to start my first washcloth – a ‘rubber ducky’ pattern, knit in yellow cotton. The girls were having ‘movie night’ upstairs with Ron and my mom (who was in town over the weekend), so I sat downstairs with my knitting and whatever I wanted to watch on tv (due to a temporary lack of seating upstairs – long story).

I should preface this story with the comment that these washcloth patterns are extremely similar – each one is pretty much identical, except for the pattern in the middle,  created with a combination of stockinette and garter stitches (or knit/purl stitches for non-knitters). It’s kind of like how we used to type ‘pictures’ way back in typing class by using a series of X’s on each row – once you have the whole picture done, you can usually pick it out really well. But in this case, since the patterns are very similar, the pages in the pattern book are also almost identical, except for the pattern title at the top. There’s no photo of the project on the pattern page, for example – just text.

See where I’m going with this yet?

I got almost halfway done with my ducky washcloth before heading upstairs after the girls went to bed and I could commandeer the recliner for the rest of the evening. I enjoyed some quality time talking with my mom, watching tv, and knitting – apparently not a good combination when pattern reading is involved…

As I got near the end of my ‘pattern rows’, I held up the washcloth and tried to see the duck pattern in the middle. On the book’s cover, the designs are easy to pick out, so I was somewhat confused by the fact that I just couldn’t “see the duck”.

I asked my mom if she could see the duck. She couldn’t either.

Puzzled, I glanced down at the pattern book at my lap and then the title at the top of the page I’d  been working from caught my eye.



It seems that after re-locating upstairs, I inadvertently started working from the wrong pattern page. Creating sort of a strange duck-stork hybrid looking thing.

I only wish I’d thought to take a photo before I began ripping out rows…. (bad blogger, I know!)

The difficult part was attempting to figure out exactly where the switch had occurred, but eventually I did find it and got everything back on the needles so I could finish the duck – again. Correctly, this time.


And yes, at the end when I held up the washcloth, this time I could see the duck.  Phew!

They really do turn out very cute – and they’re easy to knit in just one sitting. I’ve made two so far and started a third last night. Here’s a warning to anyone I know who’s expecting (or expecting to expect…) – you can also expect a nice bundle of cute, hand-knit baby washcloths at some point…


Can you see the duck?  And the bunny?  LOL  :)

(Kinda) Wordless Wednesday – They're done!!

Hannah’s shrug:



And finished in the nick of time, at the hotel the night before the wedding, here’s Abby’s:

No, she wasn’t upset with the shrug – the sun was in her eyes. ;)


And here’s how the shrug looked over the flower girl dresses – Abby’s is without the shrug and Hannah is wearing hers. This was a couple of days before the wedding. You see, in early April I was expecting that it could’ve been 30 degrees out and snowing…


Of course it was 70+degrees out the day of the wedding and the only time the shrugs got worn was over their pajamas on the way home afterward. I’m still glad I made them though! And yes, photos from my sister-in-law’s wedding still to come… :)

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