Spring Conference time!

I try to write a brief summary of what we learned from everyone’s teacher conferences – mostly just for my own sake, since I can never remember later on who said what about whom. And now that we’ve had Becca’s first official conference too… All the more reason to keep a record of how everything […]

Wordless Wednesday #139 – I can’t believe she’s turning 9 on Saturday!

And for those curious about what she was looking at so excitedly up in the air in last week’s WW post – Abby was lying on the grass watching Ron hitting plastic baseballs for Hannah and a friend/neighbor to catch.  See more photos at Wordless Wednesday and 5 Minutes For Mom! Mellisa @ Getting all […]

Tackling… spring

As happy as I am to see warmer weather and the end of snow and ice for the season, the beginning of Spring does mean a lot of things to add onto the ‘to do’ list. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’m needing to get started working on this week: Clothes – I’m already […]


I’ve been having a difficult time this weekend. I’m not exactly sure why, except that it came right after a very long, emotionally-charged couple of days and I am still exhausted. I can’t seem to step right back into the daily routine of things after two days of being somewhere completely different, in so many […]

The open road…

In the morning I will be heading out to drive the 2+ hours over to Detroit for my aunt’s visitation and funeral. It will be a fairly short trip – there on Thursday and back on Friday. Ron is staying home with the girls since we don’t want them to have to miss school, and […]

Wordless Wednesday #138 – Look!

See more photos at Wordless Wednesday and 5 Minutes For Mom! so sweet. . . looking towards Spring! Adventures in All Things . . . . Were Moving! Mellisa @ Getting all my Ducks in a Row Harriet Homemom3 : 1st day of Spring Crazyland : Tales from the Motherboard (w / linky) Great photo. […]

I ♥ ‘Focusing on Angles’ Faces

This week’s theme is “Focusing on Angles”, and for this challenge, I took the camera outside yesterday to see what I could do. I kind of struggled with taking a ‘good’ photo that was also from an unusual angle – most of my favorites were more traditional, so maybe I can use some of them […]

Three little girls

There’s a photograph in my living room that I can’t stop looking at tonight. It shows three young girls, probably somewhere around the ages that my own girls are right about now. But it’s not my girls that the photo shows. These are my mom and her two older sisters – my Aunt Barb (on […]

Ok, so where did these well-behaved children come from?

This past weekend we were treated to a little hiccup from Mother Nature – namely a day filled with falling temperatures, not to mention snow. After over a week of glorious sunshine and 50 to 60 degree days, this was more than just slightly annoying. Bikes and scooters sat in the garage, unridden, and nobody […]

Aloha Friday #126

It’s Friday again! My favorite day of the week. Here’s my question for this week: Do you watch American Idol? If so, who’s your favorite contestant so far this year? Ron and I are avid Idol watchers. I’ve watched since the end of the second season (the whole Clay/Ruben showdown) and Ron started watching with […]