Monthly Archives: February 2009

One down, only 19 to go…

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As you may remember, I started taking this free knitting class in January. Every month you make either one or two ‘blocks’ and by December you’ve got 20 blocks all ready to be put together into a gorgeous sampler afghan.

The first block looked rather intimidating – but it turned out to be much easier than I thought, and a lot of fun to make. I finished it a couple of weeks ago:


I think the most difficult part was the crocheted border around the edges. Now I know how to crochet and have been doing so for over 10 years – and this is just simple single crochets. But see, although I crochet right-handed – I knit left-handed. So when I finished the block, the yarn was going in the wrong direction for me to crochet as I normally would. So I had to stop and teach myself to do single crochets left-handed in order to finish the block correctly.

This month we are making two blocks – and I’ve already had to stop in to get some help on the first one. It’ll be gorgeous when it’s done though!

And yes, each of the rest of the 19 blocks also has a single crocheted border around the edges.

I think I may be rather an expert at left-handed crocheting by the time I’m done.  :)