Links and other fun stuff – 2/28/09

Just some quick links and fun stuff I found around the web this week: First off, please don’t forget to enter my current giveaways over on my other site: A pair of glasses of your choice (not including sunglasses or designer frames) from EyeBuyDirect (enter by 11:59 pm EST on March 4th) A bottle of […]

Getting Technical – What is Twitter and why should I use it? (Twitter 101 – part 1)

Let’s face it, suddenly the phenomenon that is Twitter is everywhere. Not only are major corporations starting to ‘tweet’ updates, but I can think of at least a half-dozen times in the last month or two when I’ve heard our local newscasters refer viewers to Twitter for more information on a news story. So what […]

Aloha Friday #71

It’s Friday again! My favorite day of the week. Here’s my question for this week: Do thunderstorms frighten either you or your children? If so, how do you cope with their (or your) fear? I’m really struggling with this one. We’ve made an effort ever since the girls were born, to make thunderstorms just another […]

Sinking in…

A few weeks ago, my two older girls learned a small lesson the hard way. The weather had improved to the point where they could actually spend some time outside without being completely bundled up – and they celebrated their freedom from snow pants and gloves by getting out the bucket of sidewalk chalk and […]

Is it spring yet?

I’m not exactly sure why this winter seems to be going by so very slowly as compared to past years, but it’s just dragging on, and on… And on. Maybe it’s that I’m much more house-bound as compared to the past, when I was out of the house at work every weekday. Or perhaps it’s […]

Wordless Wednesday #84 – Want some?

See more photos at Wordless Wednesday and 5 Minutes For Mom!

Tackle It Tuesday #70 – Bedrooms

So over the past couple of weeks, I have actually tackled both of the girls’ bedrooms. Hannah and Becca’s was first – I simply walked in there one day last week and decided that enough was enough. I got Becca’s side done myself – easier to do without ‘help’ from a 3-year-old in this particular […]

I ♥ Faces

I’ve seen this button popping up lately on so many of the blogs that I read – accompanied by some of the most wonderful photos that I’ve ever seen. So tonight I finally had time to head over and check to see what “I ? Faces” is all about. Come to find out – it’s […]

Weekend Top Five – Sick, sleep and sulking

I’m a bit challenged to come up with five actual things to post about for our weekend this week, since I spent a decent portion of it on the couch with a nasty cold. So here’s my attempt to get a bit – well, creative. And you’ll notice that there are no photos this week. […]

Eighty candles

Today is my dad’s birthday. And yes, he is turning 80 years old! Before you ask, he was 41 when I was born – I’m the oldest child of his second marriage after his first family was grown. Things were much different back in 1929 when my dad was born. Before computers, cell phones, microwaves, […]