Monthly Archives: February 2008

Is it possible to make a scarf too 'wide'?

Remember the blanket that I crocheted a border around recently? The first craft project that I’d actually finished since Abby was born, nearly 7 years ago?

I’ve actually started and completed another project since then!

I think it’s a record.

T13 002

This scarf took me just a little over a week to knit. It’s probably not that great of an accomplishment when you realize that the entire thing is just the same stitch over and over again, back and forth, but I did manage to change colors – and even wove the ends in decently.

You see, Abby has been begging to learn how to knit. So far I’ve managed to put her off by teaching her to finger crochet (chain stitch) – and while she’s producing necklaces and bracelets at an alarming rate, I have the feeling that she’s going to need something a bit more challenging soon.

My mom taught me to knit when I was young. I picked it back up in college and made a few afghans, but I learned to crochet soon afterward and hadn’t picked up knitting needles since then. Over 15 years ago.

There are a few reasons (other than teaching Abby at some point) why I decided to re-learn now. I like many of the knitting patterns that I’ve seen, and I like having some variety in what I do. Plus, I discovered during my recent crochet project that crocheting hurts my hands. Specifically, it hurts along the base of my thumbs, down to my wrist, along that fleshy part of the hand. I’d have to stop every few stitches to stretch my hand out and wait for the cramping to stop, and that made the blanket border take at least 3x longer than it would have otherwise.

I think I must be getting old. Sigh.

But so far, knitting has been pain-free, so I think I’ll stick with that for a while. This scarf that I just finished was intended to be for Hannah.

T13 007

However, I could barely get her to put it on for a picture. Apparently she’s not impressed with ‘wide’ scarves, at least that’s what she was (loudly) complaining about with this one. She was in a disagreeable mood in general yesterday morning though, so I’m hoping that it might grow on her. If not, I’m sure I can find someone else who wants it.

T13 008

Yes, I know it doesn’t match her coat. It really doesn’t match Hannah’s either, but I went with yarn that I already had. For my next project, I’m branching out a bit from the ‘straight and square’ and attempting a matching hat for the scarf.

Is it possible to make a hat too ‘wide’? If not, I’m sure Hannah will probably find something else to complain about. Either that, or she’ll love it and I’ll end up with two girls fighting over who gets to wear it.

I think this knitting thing may just keep me busy for a while… :)