We are going away for the weekend – down to visit my friend Mary and to see her not-so-new anymore baby. Eric will be 2 months old soon and I can’t believe that I haven’t seen him yet! Sickness and snow… Well everyone’s pretty healthy at the moment, the forecast isn’t too bad, and Sunday […]

Aloha Friday #22

It’s Friday again! My favorite day of the week. It’s snowing again. Or, as my husband would say, it’s “four-letter-wording” since ‘snow’ is a ‘four-letter word’ to him and he doesn’t like to say it.  😉  I’m not happy about the snow – I’m tired of driving in it, walking in it and dressing my […]

Thursday Thirteen #30 – Parents of picky eaters, take heart!

Last night, for the second time recently, Hannah ate (and liked!) something new that she’d previously turned up her nose at. Ron had brought home KFC for himself and me (the girls had eaten earlier) and Hannah was very intently watching me eat. I offered her a bite of mashed potatoes, but she refused because […]

Wordless Wednesday #33 – Somehow I don’t think they quite fit…

(Becca wearing one of Abby’s shoes and Hannah’s gloves) (Becca in Daddy’s shoes!) See more Wordless Wednesday here and here

Heads or Tails #24 – Wonder or Wander

My life was much different when I lived alone, before I met and married Ron and had three daughters. One thing that hasn’t changed however, is that when I feel the need for time alone, or to get away, one of my favorite things to do is to head out to the stores – to […]

Well, at least we’re working on being polite…

Becca has done really well with saying ‘thank you’ for a very long time – back to when she would pipe up with a little “tank ewe”, before she could hardly even say anything else. Getting her to say ‘please’ has been another story, however. At first, she wouldn’t say it, even when prompted. This […]

Monday Morning Meme #6

Karen from WriteFromKaren has started a new meme, appropriately titled the ‘Monday Morning Meme’. It’s a lot of fun – won’t you join in? February 25th Questions: Where did your father go to work every day and what did he do? How did his job affect your family? How did his job affect your work […]

More memes for a Monday!

I always feel like I go through ‘re-entry’ on Monday mornings. Back to the ‘real world’ of work, school, daycare, activities… It’s a bit of a shock to the system after a weekend of (usually) doing as we wish. Oh we have weekends filled with commitments and activities as well, but so far this winter, […]

Mothers and Daughters Blog Carnival

Welcome to the February 25, 2008 edition of the Mothers and Daughters Blog Carnival! I’m honored to be hosting this week and want to encourage you to check out the great submissions that were sent in. So, on with the carnival! Angela Williams Duea presents “The Talk” posted at angelawd, saying, “When you’re talking about […]

One down, two to go…

Continued from last post… Daddy returned, minus one Abby but having convinced Hannah and Becca that there was much fun to be had outside. However, Becca was not impressed with the hill. She immediately headed for the swings. Which took her a while since the snow was a bit too deep for little legs and […]